Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 7 Sunday Happenings

First Matchups of Sunday:
Green Bay vs. Cleveland
San Francisco vs. Houston
San Diego vs. Kansas City
Indianapolis vs. St. Louis
New England vs. Tampa Bay
Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh

Second Matchups of Sunday:
Buffalo vs. Carolina
New York Jets vs. Oakland
Chicago vs. Cincinnati
Atlanta vs. Dallas
New Orleans vs. Miami

Final Sunday Matchup:
Arizona vs. New York Giants


  • Boldin's injury is the biggest concern this week.  With him not playing until late tonight, it's almost not worth the risk.  Have Breaston or Urban ready to go just in case.
  • Remember, Trent Edwards is out, but you weren't playing him anyways.
  • Jericho Cotchery is out for the Jets.  That is no good for the young Sanchez.
  • Check out this site for more injury updates.  Also, just take a peek at the listings for the Cleveland Browns.
First Matchups
  • IDP Update: In London, Josh Johnson throws an interception to Brandon Meriweather, who runs it back 39 yards for a touchdown.  They only way to not let Tom Brady score is to let the defense score I guess.  Update: On the Buc's next drive, Johnson throws another interception, again to Meriweather.
  • It's going to be a long day for the Vikings offense and an even longer day for Ol' Man Favre.
  • Is Derek Anderson really 5/5 with 55 yards in the first quarter?  Green Bay's defense needs to pick up the pressure evidently.
  • Donald Brown broke a huge 45 yard run to set up a Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark touchdown.  That game should get out of hand soon enough.
  • Brady is 5/5 with 65 yards and a touchdown.  The Patriots are up 14 points before the end of the first quarter.  This already looks like last week's game - painful.
  • The Steelers score the first touchdown put a notch on the scoreboard.  Heath Miller is called for offensive pass interference, bringing the touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes back.  They will have to settle for a field goal after a Vikings sack.
  • Steve Slaton has 6 carries for -1 yards and a touchdown.  Update: Slaton's involvement in the passing game yields his a 13-yard catch-and-run.
  • Spencer Havner, a rookie tight end/linebacker, takes a short pass to the right 45 yards down the sidelines for a touchdown.  No one in the fantasy world would have predicted something of that nature.  It was very Mike Vrabel, but from a much longer distance.
  • Did that really happen? Tom Brady is intercepted in the end zone on a pass to Randy Moss.  This just feels weird and uncomfortable.  Update: TWO!  Two interceptions against Brady.  What has happened?  I'm confused.
  • Houston recovers a fumbled punt in the red zone.  The 49ers need to get in a rhythm if they hope to stay in this game.
  • Kansas City makes a goal line stand against LaDainian Tomlinson, making his little tantrum last week when the ball was given to Darren Sproles at the goal line against Denver look pretty ridiculous.
  • That is why you start Adrian Peterson no matter what.  He's a beast who can break through for the touchdown.
  • Donald Driver takes a medium distance pass and makes it a 71-yard touchdown.  Many owners rejoice, others wonder what has happened to the normally useful Greg Jennings.
  • The Texans' star tight end, Owen Daniels, has five receptions for 100 yards and a touchdown.  Goodbye 49ers.  Just try to put up some statistics for anyone who started Gore and/or Crabtree.
  • IDP Update: Charles Woodson has a 13-yard interception return.
  • The Packers get a fortunate pass interference penalty in the end zone and Ryan Grant punches in the 1-yard touchdown run three plays later.
  • Mike Wallace is wide open two plays in a row and covers a total of 60 yards on two catches for the touchdown.  The Vikings clearly have a gap in their zone coverage that will need to change in the second half.  Big Ben's offensive line is giving him all day to throw the ball.
  • Dwayne Bowe may not be big on yards, but he has a touchdown.
  • Sidney Rice owners were one yard short of the touchdown on the brilliant throw by Favre and the excellent catch-and-run.
  • Sproles may be the back to play for San Diego.  His catch-and-run capabilities are just incredibly strong.
  • Vernon Davis has two touchdowns on the day.  Alex Smith taking over for Shaun Hill seems to be just what the Niners needed.  Michael Crabtree also benefits from this change.  He's looking pretty solid for his first professional game.
  • Randy Moss is sitting on the sidelines after being shaken up.  Not sure if he's going to be back in the game when the scoreboard is so lopsided.
  • Laurence Maroney gets a goal line touchdown.  His value increases further, especially if Sammy Morris and Fred Taylor stay sidelined with injuries in future weeks.
  • Josh Freeman has replaced Josh Johnson for Tampa Bay.  What does this mean for the fantasy future?  Possibly not much
  • Pittsburgh rocks in the red zone, forcing Favre to fumble and returning it 77 yards for a touchdown.
  • Donald Brown's injury does not bode well for people who started him in hopes of his usefulness when the game became a blowout.
  • Make it three touchdowns from Alex Smith to tight end Vernon Davis.  This changes the game entirely, especially for Frank Gore owners, who may be pounding their heads on their computers.
  • It's official, Steven Jackson is the ONLY offensive threat on the Rams.  He still has yet to find the end zone this year.  That may not change for a while.  The last two years, he had five touchdowns one year and seven touchdowns the other.  He is still overvalued in most leagues, but he is proving himself to be a player to have.
  • Ryan Grant is looking like the back he is supposed to be, but it's against the Cleveland Browns, who make anyone look good running against them.  He has 27 carries for 148 yards and a touchdown.
Second Matchups of Sunday
  •  JaMarcus Russell fumbles, it's recovered on the Raiders' one-yard line.  Four plays later, Thomas Jones punches in the touchdown.
  • It's a good day for Ricky Williams and the Wildcat formation.  The Saints defense may have met its match.  Ronnie Brown also has a touchdown.  The cat is going wild all over New Orleans, though the most important statistic may be the two interceptions against Drew Brees.
  • Carson Palmer is this week's Tom Brady.  He's killing and has spread four touchdowns out to four receivers.  Cedric Benson has over 100 yards to boot.  It's a blowout against the Bears.
  • Miles Austin is the best receiver on the Cowboys.  Roy Williams is vastly overrated.
  • The question in Cincinnati after the half will be "when do our starters come off the field?"
  • Tony Romo has two touchdowns before the half after a brilliant evasion of the blitzing linesmen and throwing it to the back of the end zone to an open Patrick Crayton.
  • Brad Gradowski has taken over for JaMarcus Russell.  It's not much of an improvement but he has yet to throw an interception.
  • Brees has yet to throw for a touchdown, but has a rushing score.
  • If you're wondering why the Panthers are losing to the Bills, it's really very simple.  They've thrown more than fifty percent of the time when they have a fantastic duel-back system in place with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart.  Those two should be in control of the ball, not Jake Delhomme.  Carolina should do some work on the Wildcat and employ Williams and Stewart the way that Williams and Brown are used for Miami.
  • IDP Update: Darren Sharper has a pick six for New Orleans.
  • Lee Evans scores for the second week in a row.  His stock should rise as T.O. stops being the focus of the passing game.
  • Carson Palmer has five, count 'em, five touchdowns on the day.  Two of them go to Chad Ochocinco who is having a stellar day.  Jay Cutler, on the other hand, has three interceptions and no touchdowns.
  • If you picked up Miles Austin, you're bathing in glory right now.  Now we must ask, sell high or keep him?  I'm voting to keep him.
  • Chicago needs to put the ball on the ground and hope Matt Forte can produce like Cedric Benson.
  • The other quarterback to have three interceptions today?  Drew Brees.  Today is weird in the quarterback world.
  • Benson seals his vengeance on the Bears with a goal line touchdown.
  • Thomas Jones was really good start today, but Shonn Greene was apparently a superb start, though no one really guessed it.
  • A few people today asked me if they should start Oakland's defense.  You NEVER start the Raiders in your defense/special teams slot.
  • DeAngelo Williams finds the end zone on a 15-yard touchdown run.  Carolina has let Delhomme throw 40 times today.  Why?  I still don't get it.  He has two interceptions on the day.
  • Patrick Crayton just returned a punt for a score.  He's definitely got a job in Dallas if he wants it, though Miles Austin is keeping his starting job.
  • Ricky Williams will be swept up from the waiver wire this week.  He has three touchdowns.  Can anyone still call the Wildcat a gimmick?
  • There's no figuring out the Saints' backfield.  Reggie Bush has the touchdown, Mike Bell has the most yards and Pierre Thomas has the most touches.
  • Tony Romo has three touchdowns and over a 140 passer rating.  It's safe to say that's it's a good day for a team that needed a win to prove their status.
  • It's down to the wire in Miami.

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