Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 10 (2009) Sunday Happenings

First Matchups of Sunday:
Atlanta vs. Carolina
Tampa Bay vs. Miami
Detroit vs. Minnesota
Jacksonville vs. New York Jets
Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
New Orleans vs. St. Louis
Buffalo vs. Tennessee
Denver vs. Washington

Second Matchups of Sunday:
Kansas City vs. Oakland
Seattle vs. Arizona
Dallas vs. Green Bay
Philadelphia vs. San Diego

  • As always, check for full injury listings.
  • Game to Watch: Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  • Everyone is scared of whether or not to start the injured DeAngelo Williams.  Will he rebound from the injury or will the ball be in the hands of Jake Delhomme and Jonathon Stewart?  Update: Williams is active for the game, but I would favor Stewart in production this week.

First Matchups:
  •  First Blood: Kyle Orton to a wide open Brandon Marshall for a huge touchdown.  Washington's pass defense doesn't look so tough now.  It's the first opening drive touchdown for Denver this year.  They want this one.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew does all te work on Jacksonville's opening drive, capping it with a 33-yard touchdown run.
  • Atlanta will have to do it on the ground, which is fine after watching Michael Turner break a 40-yard run, though the Falcons have to settle for a field goal in the end.
  • The Lions holdoff the downfield march, leaving the Vikings with three points on the board.
  • The Play No One Saw Coming: Direct snap to Fred Jackson who airs it out 27 yards to Lee Evans for a touchdown.  I'm confused.  Really, really confused.  There's no predicting some things and this was definitely one of them.
  • Why do you start Ronnie Brown every week?  'Cause he breaks 45-yard runs and caps off that drive with a touchdown.
  • Jason Campbell has a touchdown today after a pummeling drive, connecting with tight end Todd Yoder.  It doesn't do any good for those folks who picked up and started Fred Davis.  When did this year's Denver defense get subbed out by last year's?
  • Today, the Carolina run game belongs to Jonathon Stewart.  He gets the one-yard touchdown.
  • Marc Bulger had his offense in the red zone...and threw an interception.  No one even blink an eye.  It was bound to happen.  The only good news for Bulger?
  • Chris Johnson gets his first touchdown on he day on a nearly 30 yard dash to the end zone.
  • How do you beat the Steelers?  Get kickoff returns for touchdowns.  It's their greatest weakness.  Bernard Scott isn't even a particularly fast player, but he still manages to take it the needed 96 yards.
  • AGAIN!  AGAIN?!  Brandon Marshall was wide open for an even deeper touchdown pass.  That's two between Orton and Marshall.  The 'Skins are just lost...horribly, horribly lost.
  • Weirdest Play: Adrian Peterson lateralling to Percy Harvin.  It results in a fumble turnover.  Why does a team with just normal weapons like AP and Favre need to run trick plays?
  • Mark Sanchez to Jericho Cotchery: 7-yard touchdown pass.  The Jaguars are a good team to pick on in matchup play.
  • Again, there's no predicting the goal line back for the Saints.  This time, the touchdown goes to Reggie Bush.
  • Vince Young looks...well, good.  He's got six completions for 101 yards and a 14-yard touchdown to Nate Washington.  Can we start considering starting Titans receivers these days?
  • DeAngelo Williams wants us all to know that he's just fine.  He breaks a 28-yard run, just to prove it.
  • Everyone who took a chance on Carolina's Steve Smith this week is finally happy.  Jake Delhomme connects with him for a short pass touchdown.
  • Hello?  New Orleans, you there?  You just let Marc Bulger throw a 29-yard touchdown pass to Donnie Avery, tying the game at seven points.
  • Reggie Bush, we should have played you.  He now has a receiving touchdown on the day.  That's one through the air and one on the ground.
  • The Vikings offense is back on track.  Adrian Peterson has his weekly touchdown and Sidney Rice has 93 yards receiving on four catches.
  • Sadly, Turner doesn't get the goal line touch for the Falcons.  It goes to Jason Snelling, who slams it in.
  • Mark Sanchez has only three completions on ten attempts.  That just doesn't seem right against the Jags.
  • Two touchdowns to Lee Evans.  It seems the Titans are back to being their vulnerable selves.
  • TRICK PLAY ALERT!: The Redskins move from field goal formation to punt formation and then have Hunter Smith throw the ball downfield to a wide open Mike Sellers.  That may be the play of the day.  It was the bold move that Washington needed to keep their heads high.
  • Mike Sims-Walker overcomes the questions about his matchup Darrelle Revis by getting a deep touchdown for himself.
  • Steven Jackson IS the St. Louis Rams.  His touchdown was well-earned.
  • Two four-yard pass touchdowns to Steve Smith on the day.
  •  Chris Simms has taken over for Kyle Orton after the half when Orton limped off the field prior to halftime.
  • Michael Turner has a sprained ankle.  Not good for owners who wanted a touchdown on his 111 yards.
  • AP has two touchdowns.  No surprise there.
  • Reggie Bush is the lead rusher this week for the Saints.  Just when you thought Pierre Thomas had a hold on the job, it starts acting like New England in how cryptic the division will be.
  • Marques Colston fumbles on the one-yard line, it bounces out of bounds in the end zone and is declared a touchback in favor of St. Louis.  This is increasingly weird.
  • Matthew Stafford's mini-feud with Megatron seems over.  They've connected six times for 72 yards.
  • Matt Ryan finally gets a touchdown.
  • Ladell Betts may not have a touchdown, but he's got 83 yards so far, finding big holes and making big plays.  The Redskins look tough and are wearing down Denver's defense.
  • Fantasy owners are having a hard time figuring out who to play from the Saints offense.  Robert Meachem gets a touchdown.
  • Sidenote: Shaun Suisham has drilled two kickoffs out of bounds, giving the Broncos great field position.
  • Chris Johnson has his usual 100+ yards and two touchdowns.  Fantasy owners rejoice.
  • Chris Simms throws deep to the end zone for Brandon Marshall and is intercepted by DeAngelo Hall.
  • There may need to be a fantasy "welcome home" party for Terrell Owens, who has topped 80 yards today.
  • Cedric Benson is out with a hip injury.
  • Thomas Jones has a touchdown in the one-point Jets/Jags game.
  • Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh has been a game of field goals.
  • Sidney Rice has 201 yards receiving against the meak Lions defense.
  • Jonathon Stewart has no problem breaking the big runs himself, going 45 yards for a touchdown.
  • Marc Bulger doesn't look too shabby with two touchdown passes to Donnie Avery, but that's bound to happen time to time.  Don't put any stock in this performance.
  • Josh Scobee gets the game-winning field goal as time expires.

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